Community Groups

Fall Studies

Leader: Chris Martin
Study: White Noise Sermon Discussion
Location: Renovation House (on campus)
Day: Sunday nights
Time: 6:30pm

Leader: Kathy Benware
Study: Kill The Spider (Women’s Group)
Location: North Buffalo
Day: Wednesday nights
Time: 6:30pm

Women of Grace
Leader: Mary Dowd
Study: “Finding I Am”
Location: House
Day: Saturdays, 1st & 3rd
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm
Book: $15

Sole Purpose (Singles)
Leader: David Black-Heubach
Study: 5 Love Languages for Singles
Location: Renovation Center, Basement
Day: Sundays, every other
Time: 6:30pm

Men’s Fraternity
Leader: Ken Nyitrai
Study: Fight
Location: House
Day: Wednesday mornings
Time: 6:00am
Book: $12

Men’s Fraternity
Leader: James Padin
Study: A Man And His Marriage
Location: House
Day: Monday nights
Time: 6:30pm
Book: $15

Girls Night In The Word
Leader: Deirdre Wright
Study: All Things New
Location: House
Day: Friday
Time: 6:30pm
Book: $13