Next Steps


We want everyone to get connected as quickly as possible around here! That’s how we build meaningful relationships and stay connected to help us grow in our faith. We have an opportunity for you! Call Michelle: 819-4100 x017 or fill out an involved card Sunday!

Here’s a list of our teams:


Have you started a relationship with Jesus? We want to celebrate with you! Our faith is not meant to be lived out alone and Baptism is a way to publicly tell others you have started your relationship with Jesus. Pick up information and sign up for our next Baptism at Guest Central or call Michelle: 819-4100 x107.


Relationships are the foundation of everything we do here at Renovation. We have several Community Groups meeting this semester to help you build meaningful friendships and grow in your faith.  Check out our groups here!


Families, we want to partner with you! Acknowledging your responsibility as a parent to raise a child and do so by widening the circle to allow others to speak into that and support you is a crucial next step! As any parent knows, we can’t do it alone. Visit our Families page for more information on Renovation Kids & Students.


When we give, we learn that God can be trusted. We give not out of obligation, but out of love and the belief that all we have is God’s and we are better together when we pool our resources for His work in His Church.


Knowing Jesus is the best decision of your life! Did you know that God wants to have a personal, interactive relationship with you? He does! And’ we’d love to tell you more about it here.